Short biography

After undergraduate studies at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain, I obtained a PhD in physics from the same university in 2008 with an experimental project on exciton dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures (main results can be found here). Then I did a post-doc at Laboratoire Kastler Brossel in París (2008-2010), where I performed pioneering studies in the quantum hydrodynamics of polaritons, half-photon/half-exciton particles. Since 2010 I have a research position at Laboratoire de Photonique et Nanostructures (now Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies) of the CNRS in Marcoussis, France. Here I study, in collaboration with Jacqueline Bloch, non-linear optical phenomena using semiconductor microcavites as well as photon dynamics in novel confined geometries. In 2012 I received the IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Physics of Semiconductors and in 2014 the young physicist award (experimental) granted by the Real Sociedad Española de Física. Since 2013 I lead the ERC « Starting Grant » project HONEYPOL.